Hay, Glorious Hay!

What to Feed Rabbits

Had your bun been born into the wild, an abundance of delicious grass would surround them all the doo-dah day. However, for our domesticated bunnies, this isn’t the case…and that’s where hay comes into play!

The RSPCA recommends that 80-90% of your rabbit’s diet should consist of hay or grass as it is integral in maintaining optimum intestinal health in all rabbits. The high fibre content is very beneficial for them and keeps everything in their digestive system running smoothly.

field of hay

Timothy Hay

This brings us onto the type of hay that is ideal for our bunnies. We source our Timothy Hay from the Canadian Prairies, where the growing conditions are perfect for growing ultra-premium hay that is extremely high in nutritional content. As rabbits have a very intricate digestive system, fibre is absolutely crucial in ensuring the health of your rabbit and the normal digestion of their food.

Timothy Hay in particular is an exceptionally nutritious, high fibre, high energy, low protein, low calcium type of grass hay that is an excellent food source for the rabbits and guinea pigs in your life.

At Nibble & Gnaw, we stock both First Cut and Second Cut Timothy Hay, each providing a multitude of different core benefits for Rabbits and Guinea pigs alike. First Cut is tougher and contains lots of long stems and seed heads. Excellent for most rabbits but can be a bit hard for guinea pigs and smaller animals. Second Cut is softer than first cut and is a mix of stems and leaf with fewer seeds. Ideal for smaller animals, and a great option for fussy eaters or older animals. If you’re unsure which cut of hay your furry friend would prefer – let them choose! Our Try Me box includes First Cut and Second Cut Timothy Hay – Both are high in fibre and very nutritional.

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Rabbit Teeth Care

Did you know that a rabbit’s teeth can grow up to 8-10 inches per year, which can cause overlapping, sharp teeth and pain? This speedy growth can be detrimental to your animal’s well-being. This is where our product really comes into its own.

Because our Timothy Hay is long stem, the side-to-side motion whilst chewing allows the teeth to wear down naturally. This reduces the chance of cuts within the mouth and the painful overlapping of teeth. If the teeth are naturally worn down, there is no need for expensive trips to the vet for teeth extraction or wearing down. Plus, this keeps our furry friends busy chomping away, so boredom will be at an all-time low – yay!

rabbits eating hay

Why Nibble & Gnaw?

What makes our Nibble & Gnaw hay an ultra-premium brand is our overriding commitment to maintaining the highest nutritional quality. Our team of packers break down the bales by hand and sieve it, eliminating any dust and other non-delicious nasties that may be in the hay.

From start to finish, an ample amount of TLC is given to ensure the hay is of the best quality for your furry friends to munch away to their heart’s content.

Want to try us? We have try me packs so you can see what your small furry enjoys! 

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