About us

We are a family of entrepreneurs and bunny lovers who wanted to bring something new to the market and solve one problem, the lack of customisable gift boxes for bunnies. 

The idea of Bunbox started after we got our first bunny - Dusty. We wanted to bring something more personal to the bunny market, after all, who knows your bunny more than you do! That is why we launched our Bunbox's so that you can personalise them to suit what your bunnies like to enjoy most! We want to bring top quality items to you, so that every bunny can have the best! 

We feel it's really important to create a bond with your bunny, so what better way to create that bond than by giving them a gift and sitting down with them to open their parcel created by you. We found this a great way to connect with Dusty. 

We really hope you enjoy what we have on offer and being able to personalise your Bun-Box's just as much as we enjoy getting them ready for you!

Hoppy shopping!

Bronya, Jack, Daisy and Dusty xxx

Our family story...

After meeting my partner Jack in 2017 we were doing a long-distance relationship for a year until we decided enough was enough! So, I packed my bags, hung up my wellies and left my country life for the big city. After renting for a short time and months of me hinting about getting a rabbit we then bought our first apartment together in 2019! Of course the first thing I said to my partner was 'as soon as we move we are getting a rabbit' . Begrudgingly, he stuck to his word and we found Dusty from a local breeder. After a few weeks passed it was clear to see Dusty had made an impression on my partner and he soon become a much loved part of our expanding family!

Now I just need to convince Jack for number 2!

A bit about Dusty...

Dusty is a lilac mini lop living the life of luxury! He is now one year old and has been spoilt since we got him. We have bought Dusty many toy's and treat's over the time we have had him and have begun to learn what his favourites are. We still cannot get him to eat a carrot though! Dusty brings us so much laughter and fun every day, he also fills my phone up with photos! He is a cheeky chappy who loves a good head rub! Dusty has a lot of character and is loved by all the family.

Welcome Daisy ...

On 28/11/20 we welcomed Daisy to our family. Daisy is a two-year-old Dwarf Lop. This is where our bonding journey began! Daisy is a very chilled out bunny with so much love to give. She loves evening cuddles on the sofa and is loving spending time with Dusty. Our bonding journey has been a very easy process ... maybe love at first sight! We are so happy to have Daisy in our family and I defiantly think Dusty agrees too!



If you would like to watch Dusty and Daisy's story you can follow them on Instagram : @dusty_the_lop