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We all know that Rabbits simply LOVE to dig, it’s in their very nature. So why not give them the best digging experience around?

Our enrichment enclosed digging box is the perfect addition to your Rabbit home setup and they will simply love you for it!

This large digging box is custom designed and made by hand out of sturdy wood, to give your rabbits a dark, enclosed environment to dig in which they will feel totally safe and very happy indeed.

Access to the box is provided by a ramp into the box and also down into the digging area itself where your furry little ones can dig to their hearts content!

Included with the box is a large plastic tray which simply fits into the base, in which you can fill it up with your Rabbits favorite digging material for maximum enjoyment.

Cleaning? No problem – the lid lifts right off for easy access to the entire inside of the digging box and it’s areas.

Key Features:

-Made from sustainable European Ply or Softwood Timber
-Made by hand in the United Kingdom
-Delivered flat pack with super easy assembly instructions


70 cm wide
60 cm deep
55 cm high