the floral bundle of forage for rabbits

'The Floral Bundle'

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Love Bunbox Forage?

Then why not treat your furry friend to the Floral Bundle! This hand picked bundle is a mix of all your favourite flower blends in one. Packed with countless vitamins and health benefits this is the perfect forage bundle.

The floral blends will be individually pouched, and then packaged together inside one of our Bunboxes!

The Floral Bundle will give you a massive 25% saving compared to buying each individual floral forage separately.

Inside the box:

50g Chamomile Flowers, 50g Hibiscus Flowers, 50g Marigold Flowers, 50g Rose Petals, 50g Blue Cornflowers.

Feeding Directions:

Sprinkle a small amount of the forage onto your pet’s hay. Perfect to promote feeding and foraging.


Please keep in a dry, dark, and cool place





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